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Released     October 4, 2022
Composed  October 3, 2022
Genre          Rock
Length         21:48 [note]

Advancement is the third Album-A-Day attempt. it was composed in under 24 hours and met the 20 minute album-length goal.


work began on the music from midnight of october 3rd, 2022. several breaks were taken throughout the day but work on the album itself ceased at approximately 11:51pm.

this attempt was more successful than Something Familiar and Fidgety Tunes due to me picking a theme for the album and sticking with it. the idea was for the main tracks to all start with a simple piano motif that would last throughout the only exception was track 7 which planned on being more elaborate, but due to time constraints ended up being completely different.

another theme that became more present as i was composing the album was that it felt like it could be suited to a JRPG, so the shorter tracks in the album went with that theme.

album art

the album art was generated by me using Paint.NET. it's a simple gradient of black to dusty-pink with the album's name at the top in grey, capital letters. there is some minor glitchiness visible in the gradient if zoomed-in, this was generated by sharpening the image.

this was the first album-a-day album to get "proper" album art because i planned on uploading this album to bandcamp.


track lengths are taken from the bandcamp release.

No. Title Length
1 The Town of Hey Hay 1:06
2 Advancement One 3:46
3 Advancement Two 3:42
4 Celebration of a Deserved Victory 1:02
5 Crushed 0:52
6 Advancement Three 3:46
7 Advancement Four 7:03
8 System Formatting 0:30

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