Something Familiar

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Something Familiar
The generated image used as part of album art for the Newgrounds release.

Released     September 30, 2022
Composed  September 29, 2022
Genre          Jazz
Length        6:43

Something Familiar is the second Album-A-Day attempt. it was composed in about 7 hours and did not meet the 20 minute album-length goal.


work began on the music from 1am-2am on September 29, 2022. work continued from 6pm to midnight.

there are five tracks in total and this AAD includes the first time i've added and performed lyrics.

album art

the album art was generated by me using Paint.NET. i loaded a random image from my pc into Paint.NET and used bunch of filters to turn it into the final, psychadelic image of looping diamonds. only part of the final image was used for the album art on newgrounds.


No. Title Length
1 Mushroom Village 2:15
2 Something Familiar 1:43
3 Death to the Sailor 0:38
4 Risotto & Wine 1:35
5 Gotta Keep Brewing 0:32

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