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last edited: 26 july, 2023

It's been over a month since I updated this site, but I've not been idle in that time. I decided to make some big changes for this website that hopefully have made things a lot better than the way they were before.

Major Redesign

First of all, the most obvious thing is that the site has been redesigned. The index page now looks more symmetrical, neater and each section of the site is organised a lot better.

Previously, my Music section consisted of subsections for Album A Day, old eJay projects, Singles and the Beyondness EP, while this seemed fine unfortunately it meant that if I released new music that was not an AAD I would have to make a new subsection for it.

Now the Music section is split up into Discography, Lyrics, Album A Day and old eJay projects. This way if I release new music, it just goes straight onto the Discography page. If I make music with lyrics, I can put them there.

What was previously the YouTube section has now been repurposed into a 'Socials' section, this is because I don't make YouTube videos anymore. It's not that I don't want to, it's just that right now doing so is not a priority for me. What's more important is working on the Prog Lists and my music and I want to make sure people see my Newgrounds and Bandcamp pages, since those are where my music projects can be accessed.

Prog List Changes

The Prog Rock lists have been changed quite dramatically in a way where reviewing albums should now be a much shorter process, hopefully this means I can catch up to the newer releases, I'm still going through albums that came out in February!!!

The change is that rather than ranking albums from best to worst, I'm now categorising them. This means I no longer have to compare albums to each other which takes out a huge part of the reviewing process. This also means I hopefully don't have to re-listen to each album over and over again, which is something I needed to do when comparing them.

I've made another blog post that goes into far more detail about how I'm going to be categorising the albums. This should hopefully be the last time I explain my review process, third time's a charm!

Other Changes

Part of the inspiration for my site's redesign comes from Wikipedia. Certain pages now have an infobox with additional details and I even have made Wiki Articles on this site for each of my albums. I was originally going to have these linked to each corresponding album on the Discography page, but I decided against that as I imagine if people click on a link to an album on this site, they're probably more interested in listening to said album rather than reading about it.

So what I've done instead is link to these Wiki Articles on other places on the site, I've also made a Sitemap where you can access all of the pages on the site.

One more change as well: hopefully now the website will work better on mobile, because previously it was horrible. At the time of writing I haven't been able to test it, but when I can I will do so ASAP and fix it accordingly if stuff breaks.

Upcoming Projects

Now that I've redesigned this site, I really want to get back to reviewing more Prog Rock albums. I also announced on Newgrounds a while back that I started writing an EP. I have the track ideas down now, it will definitely consist of 6 songs. I just need to finalise the lyrics. Unfortunately due to some severe issues with my personal life at the moment work on the album may not start for a while, but I hope that if things go not so painfully I can at the very least get it done before the end of the year.

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