Old eJay Projects

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Old eJay Projects
Screenshot of Techno eJay 5 playing
"Chill or Die REMIX"

eJay was a brand of music production programs where you placed royalty-free samples onto a grid to make music. it's how i got started making music. i used techno eJay 5 to make the Beyondness EP.

a few of my old eJay songs were uploaded to newgrounds, many have been unlisted from the site and many of the unlisted files have been deleted so i can't get them, but you can download the ones that i still have here. a txt file is also included with some background information and legal information.

Published eJay Songs

below is a list of every eJay song that i've published on the internet over the years. please bear in mind that almost all of these songs just consist of samples. These old songs do not reflect what I am currently capable of!

the list is sorted chronologically.

Year Song Name Genre Public?
2007 Robotic Axe Techno Yes
2011 Hiphop on the Board Hiphop Yes
2011 Trance of a Light Time Dance Yes
2011 Da Da Di Dance Dance Yes
2011 Deep-De-Deep Dance No
2011 Mega Dancer Pop No
2011 Trancer Revival Loop Dance Yes
2011 Hiphop on the Board "Gone Wrong" Hiphop No
2011 Fuzzy Radio ?? No
2011 Da Da Di Dance "Full Version" Dance Yes
2012 Rock&Roll with Hips Hiphop/Rock Yes
2013 Get Serious Loop Hiphop Yes
2013 Weird Hiphop Medley Fusion Yes
2013 Drumming Tension Hiphop Yes
2013 Crying Guitar Hiphop Yes
2013 Injecting Toktok ?? No
2013 Goodbye Loop Hiphop Yes
2013 China Toys ?? No
2013 Untitled ?? No
2013 Alien Invasion Loop Hiphop No
2014 Hiphop Under The Moon Hiphop No
2014 My First Time Electronic Yes
2014 Dead Patient Ambient Yes
2014 Stream of Hope Electronic No
2014 Chill or Die REMIX Electronic Yes
2018 Stargazing Trance Yes
2018 Digital Rockets Trance Yes
2018 Beyondness Trance Yes
2018 Isolation Trance Yes

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