Album-A-Day Project

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Album-A-Day Project
Album art for Wing It! the most recent Album-A-Day attempt.

the album-a-day project (AAD) is something started by Tom Murphy VII in the early 2000s whereby you try to create an entire album in 24 uninterrupted hours. Tom's rules also require you to work on one song at a time, you also can't use any ideas from before you start and you can't start a song and not include it in the final album. The album must also last 20-minutes long OR consist of 30 short songs.

i took on this idea to force myself to learn fl studio. over time i slightly changed the rules to make things a little bit easier. my rules include most of Tom's original rules, however you ARE allowed to work on multiple songs, you do not need to include every song idea that you start with and you ARE allowed to master your songs and do album art outside of the 24 hours.

if you're someone who is struggling to make music due to perfectionism or not having any ideas, i highly recommend this challenge. even if you only make 5 seconds of music, you've still made something.

if you've attempted this challenge and you produced at least 10 minutes worth of music, send me an email (subject line: AAD) with a link to your album and i'll feature it on this page! your album must be available to download for free, i recommend using Newgrounds or Bandcamp for this.

all of my album-a-day releases can be seen on my discography page.

featured album-a-day projects

Date Album Name Artist Length Country Genre
Nov 5, 2022 Places courtemanche437 11:01 United States Experimental
Nov 13, 2022 Glimmering Hope courtemanche437 20:29 United States Fusion

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