Wing It!

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Wing It!

Released     April 29, 2023
Composed  April 28 - April 29                      2023
Genre          Progressive Rock
Length        10:01 [note]

Wing It! is the eighth Album-A-Day attempt. it was composed in under 24 hours and did not meet the 20 minute album-length goal.


work began on the music on april 28th, 2023. part of the inspiration for this album came from Dominion by Zopp. i planned on having the first song transition into the main track which would last 7 minutes and then add in a few shorter songs to fill out the rest of the 20-minutes. this was not what ended up happening since i spent so much time working on the main track, testing out different ideas that ended up not working.

in the end i made three tracks, but the total time for the album was less than 10 minutes so i quickly threw together another song to be used for the ending. this is a decision i regret since the last track doesn't feel like it fits in with the rest of the music.

when i finished the album, i wasn't sure what to call the main track so i asked one of my friends to help me pick a name. out of three names i suggested he chose "Wing It!" so that's what i went with. 'Wing It!' also ended up being the name for the album.

album art

the album art was drawn by me in Krita, it depicts a little stick-figure in the stars with wings and a halo. if i could go back i would draw something else to use as album art.


Wing It! was released on december april 29th, 2023 to newgrounds and bandcamp. it was uploaded to youtube the following day.

the title track 'Wing It!' was also released as a single to newgrounds.


track lengths are taken from the bandcamp release.

No. Title Length
1 Seagulls 1:23
2 Wing It! 4:47
3 Slapstickers 1:47
4 The Dust Settles 2:04

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