Title Text Here

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Title Text Here

Released     December 2, 2022
Composed  December 1 - December 2                      2022
Genre          Jazz
Length        20:39 [note]

Title Text Here is the sixth Album-A-Day attempt. it was composed in under 24 hours and met the 20 minute album-length goal.


to determine the theme for my next Album-A-Day attempt, i asked users on the newgrounds general forum for title suggestions. "Title Text Here" was suggested by the user PachkaNG.

work began on the music from 22:52pm on december 1st and finished at 22:52pm on december 2nd, 2022. there was also a 7-hour sleep break.

because i was so happy with how Dimensions of Time turned out i didn't want to hold myself to standards that were too high, so for Title Text Here i was intentionally going for an album with a rather amatuer-ish vibe to it.

album art

the album art was drawn by me in GIMP. the art itself is of four lines consisting of the colours blue, brown, pink and green and all the lines are going in different directions with a turquoise background behind them and the name of the album below the lines.


Title Text Here was released on december 2nd, 2022 to newgrounds and bandcamp. on april 29, 2023 it was also uploaded to youtube.

three singles were released to newgrounds, those were the tracks 'Title Text Here', 'File Overwrite' and 'Save As...'


track lengths are taken from the bandcamp release.

No. Title Length
1 index.html 0:51
2 Title Text Here 3:16
3 RequiredEssay 3:19
4 import_export 2:46
5 untitled1 1:17
6 File Overwrite 2:47
7 01110100 01110010 01100001
01100011 01101011 00100000
8 Save As... 4:08

'01110100 01110010 01100001 01100011 01101011 00100000 00110111' is binary code that translates to 'track 7'

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