Dimensions of Time

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Dimensions of Time

Released    November 2, 2022
Composed  November 1 - November 2                     2022
Genre          Progressive Rock
Length        20:11 [note]

Dimensions of Time is the fifth Album-A-Day attempt. it was composed in under 24 hours and met the 20 minute album-length goal.


the prompt for Dimensions of Time came from a friend before work on the album began. the track names were based off of what i had briefly read about from the academic John G. Bennett and his suggestion that there were three dimensions or aspects of time. though looking back i haven't been able to verify where i found this information from or even if it's actually what he said or wrote about.

work began on the music from 15:30pm on november 1st and finished at 15:00pm on november 2nd, 2022. there was also a 6-hour sleep break.

for this album-a-day attempt, i wanted to make something closer to a progressive rock album than what i had done in the past.

album art

the album art was generated by me using Paint.NET. the art itself is of a large dark-blue spiral. unfortunately due to compression only the outer-spirals can be seen.


Dimensions of Time was featured on the front page of newgrounds on november 3rd, 2022.


track lengths are taken from the bandcamp release.

No. Title Length
1 Ordinarily
    i. Our Present
    ii. Past, I Know
    iii. Their Future / The Present's Reprise
2 Eternity 5:38
3 Hyparxis 6:38

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