Last Day to Thrive

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Last Day to Thrive

Released     December 21, 2022
Composed  December 10, December 20                      2022
Genre          Progressive Rock
Length        18:33 [note]

Last Day to Thrive is the seventh Album-A-Day attempt. it was composed in under 24 hours and did not meet the 20 minute album-length goal.


the previous Album-A-Day attempt Title Text Here came about after i asked members of the newgrounds general forum for album name suggestions, one of the users who responded was an artist named Scanline3D who offered to draw album art and also suggested the name 'Last Day to Thrive' for an album name.

a few days after releasing Title Text Here i messaged Scanline3D to take him up on his offer of album art and while he was working on that i started making the next album.


work began on Last Day to Thrive on december 10th, 2022. unfortunately i was experiencing issues with my computer overheating which made working on the album near-impossible. it took a few days to get the issue fixed and work continued on the album on december 20th, 2022 starting from 00:30am and ending roughly at 19:30pm.

when the time was up i had not created 20-minutes of music as per the rules, but i didn't want to needlessly extend any song or make another one as i thought it would kill the pacing of the rest of the album.

album art

the album art that i requested from Scanline3D was "A grassy background with African Daisies on the front [...] The scene should also be drawn as if it's at night".

one minor error that came about just as the art was finished is that the title was misspelled as "Last Day to Thive", however this was quickly fixed before the album was released.


Last Day to Thrive was released on december 21st, 2022 to newgrounds and bandcamp. on april 30, 2023 it was also uploaded to youtube.

two singles were released to newgrounds, those were the tracks 'The Lost River' and 'Last Day to Thrive'


track lengths are taken from the bandcamp release.

No. Title Length
1 The Lost River 5:15
2 Interlude: Fade 0:38
3 Attic Daydreaming
    i. Afternoon
    ii. Evening
4 Interlude: Awaken 1:10
5 Last Day to Thrive 5:02
6 Epilogue: Resolve 2:15

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