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last edited: 2nd june, 2023

UPDATE: Acheney reached out to me recently to say that they will no longer be quitting music production, so the main reason for the archive to exist no longer applies.

However, I will still keep the archive available on this blog. I will not be adding to it though. If you are a fan of Acheney's work, I suggest you download it for yourself.


Acheney is a Newgrounds user who has been making and uploading music since 2019. Yesterday they announced on their Newgrounds Blog and Website that they will be quitting music production because it has become a detriment to their overall mental health. As someone who is a musician himself I sympathise deeply with Acheney, even though I didn't know them formally. I would hate for a creative outlet to become something that not only feels like a chore, but damages how I feel towards others.

Now, Acheney mentioned that they will be removing all of their musical equipment away from them as well as removing all of their music software from their computer. They also mentioned that they may in the future remove all of their music and art from the internet, which is a very drastic step and one that may be regretted later. On top of that there are still people who enjoy listening to Acheney's music, so what I have done is archived all of the available music that Acheney has ever uploaded to Newgrounds and Bandcamp. You can download the archive here.

All of their music was free to download and almost all of it was open-source, so you will see in the archive the actual project files as well. Acheney freely distributed them. The main program that Acheney used is called SunVox.

Bear in mind that most of their Artwork is NOT in the archive, only the art included in their Bandcamp releases is in the archive.

To be clear, and Acheney even said this at the end of their post, but if you download the archive and enjoy what you've heard, please do not expect and/or beg Acheney to make more music. It is explicitly something that they do not want to work on anymore so please respect their wishes.

Why are you archiving this anyway?

Even though I do not know Acheney personally, in fact I have only had one or two very brief interactions with them on Newgrounds, I am archiving their work mostly because I think that preservation of an artists work is important for other people to learn from. We all start somewhere after all. Even though I am not necessarily proud of my old work, I have an archive of my old eJay projects available to download on this website because I think it's important to know where we first started from and where we are now. Certainly in the future if I retire from music I will want an archive of it somewhere.

That being said, if Acheney wants me to take down the archive, I will do that. I do not have explicit permission from them to make it, but they did mention that should anyone still want to access their music, they should make an archive as soon as possible. So that's why I'm doing it now.

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