It's Been a Rough Few Weeks

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last edited: 19th march, 2023

Since I pulled away from social media a bit more and started this site I have tried to be a bit more cautious with sharing anything too personal online, but if you've been paying attention to this site you may have noticed that during February and even the start of March there has been zero activity. I'll share the reasons why as well as talk about a couple of updates going forward.

So what happened?

To put it short, February was not a good month for me. I had a couple of recent day trips that I was looking forward to and when they did not turn out to be as fun or exciting as I had hoped for and ended up being quite disappointing it sapped all of my energy out and left me feeling incredibly sad which demotivated me. On top of that I tried getting back into speedrunning Plants vs. Zombies after being away from it for a few months, I was only working on a short category and within only a couple of days of doing runs I immediately lost the desire to continue. I'd call it "burnout" but I don't think that's fully accurate. Again the underlying feeling was sadness and I don't know why it's impacted me that much.

I've never shared this online (to my knowledge) but for the last three years I've been seeing a counsellor once a week. During February however I had to ask to do sessions twice a week to deal with this underlying sadness. Progress is being made but not enough to revert to just the weekly sessions.

As a result of everything mentioned above, I stopped working on my Prog Lists and Music Production, which are like...the two main things I work on for this site. I did eventually get back into the mood for ranking albums for the 2023 list again, but I immediately noticed a problem with its accuracy so I've spent the last week or so going through all 24 albums again and re-ranking them. The result of which is quite comical - it's amazing how inaccurate the original list was when I last left it. Plenty of albums that were highly-rated are now considerably lower on the list and vice versa.

So as a result of being down for the whole of February and redoing the 2023 list, I'm now over a month behind on albums that I have to listen to. I will try to make updates to the list more quickly this time.

Going forward

For the future as well as working on the 2023 list (and hopefully the 2019 list if I have some spare time) I want to get back into making AADs again. I have one idea that I got help with thanks to the Newgrounds Forums which I started in early February. However I stopped not even an hour into the attempt because I just wasn't feeling it. That does mean I have scrapped what I worked on in that hour (that's the whole point of Album-a-Day after all) and I will start over. I do also want to write another EP without any time constraints so I can really make something polished, but that will probably be quite far into the future.

I also will try to write more articles here as well, I've had some things I want to talk about on the site for awhile, it's just that blogging is not my strongest point.

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