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the album-a-day project (AAD) is something started by tom 7 in the early 2000s whereby you try to create an entire album in 24 uninterrupted hours. it should either consist of 20 minutes of music or 30 short songs.

while tom's rules state that you should use the entire 24 hours for absolutely everything, i've made it an unofficial rule that you only need to spend the 24 hours working on the music. mastering is not part of the 24 hours and neither is creating album art.

i took on this project to force myself to learn fl studio. below is a list of AAD's i've done, listed from most to least recent.

for all album-a-day projects i have completed, you are free to copy, distribute, transform and build upon them, even for commercial purposes. the only requirement is that you credit me, and say if any changes were made. more info here.