Ballad of the Extinct

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Ballad of the Extinct

Released     August 17, 2020
Composed  July 2020
Genre          Electronic
Length         4:37

Ballad of the Extinct is a background song that i composed for a video back in 2020.


from the years 2015-2020 i operated a youtube channel that was focused on making videos about the trading card game Yu-Gi-Oh! in 2020 i was trying to step up my game when it came to making content and i wanted to make music for my videos rather than using music composed by other people.

in the Yu-Gi-Oh! scene at the time, there was a new archetype of cards being released based around dinosaur fossils and i planned on making a video discussing my thoughts on the cards and as part of that i decided to go through with producing a song for it.

album art

the album art was drawn by illustrator and comic artist KindCannibalism. the requested design was a drawing of a wasp queen (who i used as my avatar at the time) kneeling down, holding the skull of a pachycephalosaurus while shedding tears.


the video that this song was made for was called Is the New Fossil Archetype Good? - An Overview which was released 25th july, 2020. Ballad of the Extinct was released to bandcamp and youtube on august 17th, 2020 due to the album art not being complete until then.

in 2021, all videos were de-listed from my youtube channel at the time, which included the youtube version of Ballad of the Extinct.

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