The Scrapped EP

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The Scrapped EP

Released     April 17th, 2023
Composed  September 2022 - October 2022
Genre          Electronic
Length        5:50

The Scrapped EP is an EP that i worked on as part of a collaboration with my friend tz_scion. it was made entirely in fl studio.

the collaborative project fell through due in part to me breaking away from the instant messaging platform Discord which cut off a major form of communication between me and Scion. futhermore, i was working on other music outside this project which took time away from it.

on december 1st, 2022 Scion asked me if he could upload the songs he made for the project to his spotify, which i agreed to. on april 17th, 2023, i asked him if i could upload the songs i wrote for the project to bandcamp, which he agreed to.

while there were other tracks that i worked on for our project, only three of them were fully complete, those are the tracks that appear on The Scrapped EP.

album art

the album art was drawn by me in GIMP, it features a sheet of lined paper with the tracklist, length of each track and final EP length, as well as the names of the two composers who worked on the songs. There was another variation of the album art with the colours inverted, but it did not look as good.


The Scrapped EP was released on april 17th, 2023 as a bandcamp exclusive.

before The Scrapped EP was released, Scion released his own album called Field of Feelings which contained a few songs from our collaborative project. his album was released on his spotify and bandcamp pages on march 31st, 2023.




No. Title Length
1 Harmony Sahara 1:26
2 Intermission in Outer Space 1:16
3 Purple Lullaby 3:08

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