Dominion (by Zopp) Lyrics

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i couldn't find anywhere that had all the lyrics to this awesome album so i wrote it myself. adapted from the lyrics sheet given with the CD of this album which hilariously is hand-written and has sections crossed-out.

listen on youtube, purchase the album on bandcamp or flat circle records.

1. Amor Fati


2. You

Feeling that every day, you have moved further away, the dismay.
You're not really afraid, there's a victory in knowing who I really am.
Leave the programme.

Round about 17. Conscious, place you'd never been, a new scene.
Exiting the machine.
There's a victory in knowing who I really am.
Leave the programme.

Think about it, when were we last free?
Talk about it, no one really sees.
Walk around it, we will let them be.
Sacrifice it, do what's best for me.

Come to realise that most of them are on their own journey.
Just a case of doing what you want with no care for money.
You've always had a problem with being judged by the mass of men
Now's the time to see if you can handle it, achieve your zen.

You want to talk about it, but their mind's closed.
You want to think about it, you watch your thoughts son.

(repeat the last two paragraphs)

3. Bushnell Keeler


4. Uppmärksamhet


5. Reality Tunnels


6. Wetiko Approaching

John sat there feeling nothingness on one dull Monday morning
It's quiet, Wetiko approaching.
Not the only one in this time - dealing with the slime.
Later when in bed, thought like what he said.
Cowered, then acknowledged that it's
powerless if he rids the dread.

Optimistic thoughts permeate.

7. Toxicity

You showed me your face, it's grim.
Programming, degrading.
What are you fearing my friend?
Your ignorance never ends!

You sadly accept their shit.
It's damaged your brain a bit.
What are you fearing my friend?
Your ignorance never ends!

Don't you feel like you've failed to reach your potential?
No one really helped us out, so how do we know?
Through a mode that we failed and the courage to find truth.
We are concious my friend, a mystery here...

A toxic way of mind, wonder if they are infected?
Those young souls, you know, who toe the line_
They dumb their down once more.
Through the water, food and media;
Tired of it, they myopia.

Mind, parasite, clense.
It's time to face it there.

How do we sanctify and live with knowing,
When the control is managed?
We get up without moaning.
Feels like time to create.

Can you please find a way to tolerate it?!
Live in a lie, it's toxic.
Muck to gold, no hypocrite.
Feels like time to create.

All this mess taught me.
Reality broke down, I'm played.
Taken by misery.
I took the the trouble to resist.
Extracting all my energy.
The system won't put you to rest.
I want to tell you about the...

Mind, parasite, clense
It's time to face it there
It's like you're closer to this life.

Don't you see the fire and fear?
Maybe burning far too late?
The hours pass, I wonder...
Hands hurt on the dial/screen.
I didn't want this in my family.
Questioned everything out there.
Intellect, no class, no wit, no soul.
This is something I can't bear.

I rely on myself don't get sucked in by the slime
Oozing out from your screen, from the sheep's plead.
Not this time!
You consent when you take, will you make this difference real?

Way to go down projecting things
Painting a picture that's far from me, here.

In an illusion, where we don't know.
Answers, they will arrive when veils drop, end the show.

You showed me your constant fear!
Who are you here?!
Why accept their offer?

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