2024 Prog List

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this is a list of prog rock albums from 2024 categorised based on how much i enjoyed them. if you want to know what the categories mean you can look it up here.

links usually go to official bandcamp pages if one is available, otherwise it will most likely link to an official youtube playlist. if you want to actually support the artists, please buy the music directly from them instead of just streaming their songs.

huge thanks to r/progmetal and the NewProgReleases blog for listing all these albums. you can track my progress here.

albums marked with an asterisk have have something written about them on the notes page.

last updated 15 february, 2024: added The Restoration - Joseph, Pt. Two, Silhouettes Fall and Stranger Skies.

albums are ranked alphabetically for each category/tier.

Category/Tier 2024 Prog List
Album Name Artist/Band Name Length Country


Brick by Brick BareFuzz 32:59 United States
Crush Jack the Elbow 49:30 United States
Lurking Exsanguinated Roommate 50:14 United States
Singularity Partialism 53:32 United Kingdom


Ranhuras Crise Estética 50:40 Brazil
Ridiculous Trinkets Signal Valley 50:15 United States
The Glass Hotel Tapes Johnny Bob 42:39 Germany


Messages from Afar: Second Nature Karfagen 48:24 Ukraine
Polemosophy La Horsa Bianca 40:51 Ukraine
Shangri-​La Darling Strangers 25:37 Australia
Sheldon's Passing The Show Continues (In January) 23:31 Canada
They Have No Respect Fortune Friedman Hemberger
Krimstein & Smith
44:09 United States
Time and Tide The Laconic 45:32 United States
Vernissage Vernipolis 20:13 France

Not My

Cornwall ! Orchestre Celesti 1:07:33 Italy
realizer Apenheart 43:58 United States
Sonic Wonderland:
Through the Rabbit Hole
Valhjim 56:30 Mexico
The Restoration - Joseph, Pt. Two Neal Morse 1:15:14 United States


The Tower Rediscovered Burgundy & Alamo 25:50 United Kingdom


Generator Anbaric 41:31 Sweden
Grudge Party Rolf Zero 41:43 Australia
Nothing Shall & By Any Means The Stone Eye 14:06 United States
Silhouettes Fall Silhouettes Fall 35:39 United States
Stranger Skies Ellesmere 47:01 Italy



There Are No Ordinary Moments Ovrfwrd 1:08:22 United States

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