2019 Prog List

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notes for the 2019 prog rock list. most of this stuff doesn't matter but i feel a need to point it out

Physis by La Stazione delle Frequenze

used an amazon music link because this album is not available in full on youtube music. amazon music requires a subscription to listen to this album or you can purchase it for £8. album is also available in full on spotify and apple music.

Wonders - Mysteries & The Archaeologist by Alan Azar

album officially came out on january 10th, 2019. the original youtube playlist was taken down and replaced with a personal upload by alan azar, hence the upload date discrepency.

This Guy's Disguised This Sky by kENYON bUNTON

possibly doesn't belong on the list as i can't verify the release date. there is some suggestion that this album was released in late 2018, every streaming service gives a 2018 release date and all the reviews i could find mentioned a release sometime in autumn 2018. this album is also two EPs released in 2018 joined together with one unique song added on the end. the label this album is under states that it was released on january 1st, 2019. hence its inclusion on this list.

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