End of Year Site Updates

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last edited: 11th january, 2023

singles section

added a singles section to the index page, replacing the link to 'ballad of the extinct'.

possibility of removing the speedrunning section

might remove the speedrunning section of the index page since i have not speedran anything in months. if i do remove it i would link to my speedrun.com page on the more section so that my runs are still accessible.

possibility of adding a blog section

would like to occasionally write short articles, but i'm not sure how i want to approach it yet. either do it short and sweet but lack detail or be very detailed but then writing becomes a chore.

prog list now (primarily) uses bandcamp

links on the 2019 prog list would usually default to a youtube playlist for each album, but will now default to a bandcamp page if one is available. the reason for this is to encourage listeners to support the artists directly by buying their music.

removing unnecessary text

i've re-written most of the pages on the site to be shorter and to-the-point as i want to keep the website fairly minimal.

future plans

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