Unlisting Some Videos

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last edited: 2nd February, 2023

A few of my Speedrun videos are going to remain indefinitely unlisted, you can watch them here if you want but I would prefer it if you did not as I don't feel like those videos are a true reflection of who I am.

If that's all you care about then you can stop reading, but I figured I should explain why I'm unlisting these videos, which is what I am going to do in the rest of this article.

One major issue I have with the videos that are now unlisted is that it doesn't feel like me. I'm aware that almost all YouTubers aren't genuine when they make content, but I don't think that can be me.

I'm not talking about click-baiting here, I'm talking about how I actually appear in the video. Not just physically but also how I talk.

All the videos that I've unlisted were fully-scripted and you can very easily tell that even without me mentioning it. One of my biggest pet peeves when it comes to YouTube videos is when the person speaking sounds like they're talking from a script. You can tell when they do it; they either speak almost completely flatly or they speak like they're reading a book to a child. In either case it's unbearable to listen to becuase of how fake it feels.

I fell into the "reading a book to a child" category, which is weird because when I made Yugioh content that was scripted I don't look back on it and feel the same way despite the fact that I had far less experience with script writing and script reading.

I also am not fond with how those videos were edited, the early videos especially are not very eye-catching.

So yeah, all my scripted videos with the exception of the Purple Plants video (because I still really like that one) are going to be unlisted.

What about the unscripted videos?

The unscripted videos I made are videos that I still enjoy watching even though all of them boil down to me just teaching the viewer how to do something. I think for most of them I still had some short notes, but my talking within them was just me talking normally. Because I really like them and a couple of them are still kinda useful I'm going to keep those videos public.

To this day, I think unscripted videos is the way to go if I ever get back into making content for YouTube. Not only does it mean I don't have to write scripts (which I find very tedious and boring) but it feels more...natural to me, like I can really be myself when I talk. I'm not sure how else to really explain it.

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