A Briefer Explanation Of How I Rank Prog Rock Albums

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last edited: 25th july, 2023

I have an article on this site where I explained both why and how I rank Prog Rock albums, however I feel like the article is not that well written and it's a bit long while at the same time not saying much. So this article attempts to rectify that by being a more a clearer version of how I go about ranking so many Prog Rock albums.

You don't have to listen to me

What qualifies as "Proggressive Rock"?

It comes down to if the artist/band calls their album:

I will usually determine this through the Bandcamp tags if the band has a Bandcamp page for their album. If they do not, I will look at their website/social media pages to find out what genre they use.

How do I rank albums?

How long to I plan to do this?

In an ideal world I would do this for the entire decade, but considering I started 3 years late that's probably not going to happen. So really it's until I get bored of doing it.

Notes and Possible Biases

Hope this was helpful in understanding how I rank these albums. I may refine this over time if my process changes or if I notice any other biases I have when ranking albums.

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