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'Beyondness' is an ep that i released on september 3rd, 2018. it was made in techno eJay 5.

originally the album was going to be based on the scientific method with 6 songs, but i could not come up with any more ideas after finishing 4 songs so i released it as an ep instead, basing the names of the songs entirely off of the vibe i got from them.

when making the album i planned to make each song at least 1 minute longer than the previous, but this didn't work out so i gave the idea up. that's why a couple of the songs sound like they go on for longer than they should.


album art by Henri Ekholm (Twitter / Artstation)

personally i'm not a fan of this EP anymore, but i also don't completely hate it. i see it more as a starting point for my "real" music-producing journey.

listen/download the album on newgrounds or if you'd like to support me purchase the album for £1 on bandcamp.

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