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links usually go to official bandcamp pages if one is available, otherwise it will most likely link to an official youtube playlist. if you want to actually support the artists, please buy the music directly from them instead of just streaming their songs

huge thanks to r/progmetal and the NewProgReleases blog for listing all these albums

albums marked with an asterisk have have something written about them on the notes page

the list

Growing Fear Barricades at Night 41:49 United States
The Age of Misinformation The Aaron Clift Experiment 46:41 United States
ID.Entity* Riverside 1:11:41 Poland
Vostraŭ skarhaŭ* Syndrom Samazvanca 53:25 Belarus
Dominion Zopp 41:58 United Kingdom
Future of the Sea PLANK 35:35 United Kingdom
Exotic Creatures and a Stolen Dream* Sunchild 45:11 Ukraine
Rayless Cos Sylvan 17:20 Canada
Light Up Solstice 44:09 United Kingdom
Grand Ultimate MEGA 17:38 United States
One Man's Grief Deposed King 55:49 Hungary
Chirale La Stazione Delle Frequenze 30:21 Italy
Alluvium Initial Mass 59:57 United States
Futures Past Molten Gold 42:56 Norway
Making Shore Damanek 1:12:04 Multinternational
Hymns for Hungry Spirits, Vol. II Great Wide Nothing 41:41 United States
Cheshire Ghosts Pete Rand 44:40 United Kingdom
Starlight's Castaways What Strange Beasts 1:20:21 United States
False Readings Mark Murdock 47:17 Japan
The Great Cerulean Sleep Alkamaton 39:18 Finland
Water, It Feels Like It's Growing Atsuko Chiba 36:01 Canada
Robotron Soniq Theater 41:28 Germany
Baiagoan ṘO 1:02:50 Spain
The Path Light 1:17:32 France
Citrus Moon Citrus Moon 39:19 United States
Ahthos Arouris Conspiracy of Zero 45:32 Greece
Waiting for the Tide Zebedy 47:09 United Kingdom
North EP* Silent Whale Becomes A° Dream 36:53 France
Cascade Meliorist 31:09 Australia
Isobar III Isobar 57:46 United States
Wakeup Call Feedback 14:31 United States
Empty Airports Aiming for Enrike 1:15:08 Norway
Vandering* Kornmo 1:07:13 Norway
Seremonia Varjo-Orkesteri 56:41 Finland
Kosmonautik Pilgrimage Anchor and Burden 1:04:20 Germany

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