notes for the 2023 prog rock list. most of this stuff doesn't matter but i feel a need to point it out

North EP by Silent Whale Becomes A° Dream

unsure of whether or not to include this as it only contains two songs, one of which is a remastered version of a song that the band released in 2015. i typically do not include bonus/remastered songs in albums that i listen to for the list, but if i don't include the remastered song from this ep then i'm judging a single instead of an album. there are a number of albums that consist of only one song, but they usually last over 40 minutes. i'm disincluding this album for now, but it's still worth listening to.

ID.Entity by Riverside

the link provided is an unofficial playlist for the deluxe version of this album as the official one does not have all of the songs and most of the ones it does have are shortened versions, the videos listed within the playlist are official though. the album version that i listened to for this list was the deluxe version but i am not including the last two songs in the ranking as they are just single versions of songs already in the album.

Vostraŭ skarhaŭ by Syndrom Samazvanca

there is an exclusive song if you buy the album on bandcamp, which i did. however because the song is an exclusive it is not considered in the the ranking.

Exotic Creatures and a Stolen Dream by Sunchild

only the first 4 songs on the bandcamp list were considered when ranking this album as the last two are just bonus tracks. though the main frontman for the band Antony Kalugin considers the album to only have 2 main songs and 4 bonus tracks, the official youtube playlist has the first 4 songs listed. the final 2 tracks are just shorter versions of the 2 main songs anyway whereas tracks 3 and 4 are more distinct.

Radio Silence by RAIN

the band's bandcamp page only lists the first track as a free download, which is why the main link is a youtube playlist.


there is a time discrepency on the bandcamp page because the band accidently included the song 'DELTA' twice. also this album confuses me so it may rapidly change placement on the list.